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We really aren't kidding when we say fast. We make it a priority to get you your food as quickly as possible.


Our team members are just that, A TEAM, we treat you like family and exceptional guest service is our standard.


Our service, our standards, our quality, and our team. These features are what makes Billy Jack's Pizza Pub the classiest place in Kearney.


Billy Jack's Pizza Pub creates a fun and entertaining environment for people of all ages. Do not pass up Nebraska's only Frosty Cold Rail for your adult beverage at our full-service bar.

Get 2 Love Bug drinks and a 14" Mighty Meat Pizza (pizza of the week) for $18

*Special is going on February 11th-14th

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Food that brings people together!

We are fast, friendly, fun, and classy. Fresh Ingredients and Great Food Quality. Locally Owned Since 2021 With 50+ Years of Experience

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Redefining Fast Casual Dining in multiple ways.

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Billy Jack’s is a family-friendly restaurant and pub that offers everything from pizza and beer to salads and wine. Our fourteen beers on tap will satisfy any type of drinker. Fastest pizza in town – only 5 minutes from order to table!

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Franchise Opportunities

Billy Jack’s Pizza Pub really provides a one of kind place. After serving Kearney Nebraska area for almost two years, expansion is beginning to pick up traction quickly. Cheyenne Wyoming had two Billy Jack’s Pizza Pub’s added in 2022. Other franchise options are developing as well. If you want to invest into the history of “Redefining Casual Fast Dining” reach out today.

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